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explore your fantasy

  Nas Nixx is a film photographer in LA’s fantasy scene. Her work is directly inspired by mythical creatures and folklore. Her work is dreamy and seems like stills from another universe where the bizarre and fantastical is mundane. Her upcoming project ”species of the multiverse” is her current focus and highly anticipated.


  Nas was born in Miami, Florida, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue art and photography, studying at CalArts in Santa Clarita, California from 2017 to 2019. Nas is primarily active on instagram. Since 2020, she has collaborated with artists such as Cray, Ellise, whokilledXIX, and LoveLeo, as well as internet personalities Joey Graceffa and Jake Webber, among others. 


  Nas worked on Jeffrey Campbell's spring campaign and valentine campaign, having prints of her work included with each order for the latter campaign. She has been featured on two billboard campaigns in Los Angeles, the first hosted by SaveArtSpaceLA for her project, "Center of Attention,"; the second being a 25-billboard series around the Los Angeles area, featuring her work with whokilledXIX.


  In 2020 Nas created a clothing line centered around her photography, and has since moved her photography into the fashion sphere.


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